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Make water your playground, not your graveyard

Friday 08/12/2017

Auckland is a maritime wonderland and a gorgeous summer playground.  But water is everywhere and needs to be treated with respect.  From streams on walks, to the family pool or spa, from beach to dinghyor rock fishing, to sailing and swimming … it’s good to know how to navigate the dangers. 

Learn to swim. Learn about water and drowning prevention.

Wear life jackets when fishing on rocks or on the water, yes even in-shore and in the Hauraki Gulf

It’s looking like a hot summer.  The water’s warm and algae can flourish.  Sometimes algae is toxic for us and for dogs.  You can check the conditions here.

Dogs love the water too and there are places for dog and water play and places where dogs have to be on their best behaviour, so dog owners can click for the details.

Not all the water fun is by the sea.  There are public pools and backyard pools – both fun and dangerous for kids.  So the Big People have to keep their wits about them and keep the little ones safe around the pool.

And the thing that makes all this great play possible is the setting – a generous planet that provides all the water and the land, the sand and the fish – so here’s where we can be Kaitiaki, guardians of our natural treasures. Please leave nothing behind.  Walking and beach-combing can become a hunt for all the man-made things that shouldn’t be on a beach. Bring back trash and leave the shells behind.

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