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Looking at the Man in the Mirror

Saturday 25/11/2017

White Ribbon Day, 25 November, is the international day when people wear a white ribbon to show that they do not condone violence towards women.

There’s a wealth of information on the White Ribbon website.  There are movies and testimonials from men of many cultures and a Toolbox full of ideas for raising respectful men and boys.  Jump in … we all feel better in non-violent homes and workplaces.


Stan Walker speaks up: “I was blessed with a voice and not just a singing voice. I have a unique opportunity to talk to other young men and tell them that violence against women is not OK.

As a child I witnessed and experienced some terrible things,” Stan says. “My house felt like a scene out of ‘Once Were Warriors’. Family violence destroys a family from within and set me on a chaotic and destructive path. If there is violence in your home, talk to someone. You don’t have to face it alone.”

Meet the Ambassadors from Your Community

Meet men from many communities and ethnicities who are standing up to say Yes to respectful relationship and No to violence against women.  They are chosen for their willingness to challenge the behaviour of abusive men and to convey valuable messages to their own communities.

There's a calendar of White Ribbon events happening throughout Aotearoa including a motorbike run, a main street relay and some Hardcore video and you can see them here.


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