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International Day of Older Persons

Monday 02/10/2017

October 1st is designated as International Day of Older Persons. It’s a reminder to celebrate the value of older people and a chance to acknowledge their contributions to our communities; in the work place, as volunteers, as caregivers and as whole people, with dreams, aspirations, wisdom and experience.

Age Concern is taking the opportunity of a special day to show the scale of loneliness among our seniors.  Age Concern is launching Social Connections Matter. “It shows the grim reality of loneliness in New Zealand but also shows what works to combat loneliness and how we all have a part to play,” says Executive Director Stephanie Claire.

“Together we can rally against ageist attitudes, and come together to celebrate the talents, contribution and experience of older people in our life and not just on October 1st but every opportunity we get. I often hear of people whose only conversation each week is at the supermarket, post office or library. I know we can do better.”

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