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Be Sunsmart & Melanoma Aware

Friday 01/12/2017

There are online resources to help you learn how best to protect yourself from sun damage and how to spot the bad spots on your skin or the skin of your children and loved ones.

Know the Risk
NIWA and Sunsmart provide Sun Protection Alerts

The Sunsmart site has a few mythbusters – yes damaging rays do get through on cloudy days! And yes brown people can get skin cancer too. It gives you resources to get the family understanding the risk and it has advice on the use of sunscreen.
Consumer NZ has released a report on the quality of sunscreens on the market and it doesn’t have to be expensive to do the job.

Melanoma NZ gives you great information on skin checks and how to detect dodgy spots.

Stay safe this summer and always … with protection and early spot spotting.

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