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China Pulse

Across three hours a week, China Pulse puts you in touch with mainstream New Zealand by providing up-to-date local and international news and highlighting useful local lifestyle information. Friday afternoons there’s an hour of news.  Sunday lunchtime, relax and enjoy talks with current and historical perspectives on Chinese culture from 11.55am for over two hours.


  • Producer / Presenter: Ming Lu

    A passionate full-time researcher and part-time journalist, Ming has a PhD degree in science.  She has been in NZ since 1998, is married to a professional athlete and has a school-age son. Ming loves to travel and spend outdoor leisure time with her family.  Her interests include photography, fashion and reading and she co-ordinates a team of presenters and technicians for the radio show.

China Pulse

Sunday, 20 May, 2018

China Pulse

History, traditions, cultural reports.

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